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The entertainment company dedicated to guilty pleasures for adventurous movie lovers.

It’s any time between the late ’60s and mid ’80s, and you’re standing in front of a decrepit movie theater in an unsavory part of town. The titles on the marquee called you like a beacon. You were lured by the reputation of an obscure director, the talents of a notorious star or even the promises made by an amazing poster. You honestly don’t know what you may be getting yourself into, or even if you’ll get out of the theater alive. For some strange and wonderful reason, you are compelled to see movies about psychopaths, cops, robbers, zombies, cannibals, madmen, strange women and more, with an audience often comprised of the same.

Today those theaters are gone, but that excitement – and these films – remain. These will be definitive discs of some remarkable films, all fully restored, remastered and packed with the most mind-blowing extras in the business.

We encourage your feedback, look forward to your support and appreciate your enthusiasm. We’re committed to bringing these movies out of the dark and back into your life where they belong!

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