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Vinegar Syndrome is a film restoration and distribution company with a catalogue of hundreds of feature films, produced primarily between the 1960s and 1980s.

Founded by Ryan Emerson and Joe Rubin, VS has been acclaimed by The New York Times, Village Voice, Dangerous Minds, The Foglenest Files, and many others as one of the premier independent genre film focused distribution companies in the world, and was noted by Alamo Drafthouse Theatres as “…perhaps the most important home video label in the world for genre film…”

Our ever growing archive includes the catalogues of Ace Booking Company, Bero Consultants, Blu-Pix, Bunnco, Caribbean Films, Citrus Productions, Coastline Films, Gail Films, Great American Soap Opera Corporation, Hollywood International, Lima Productions, PRP Inc, Satellite 3, Star Distributors, TTR Inc, Winters/Lucas Productions, and more, making ours the largest and most comprehensive library of American sexploitation cinema in the world.

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